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Why printed catalogues are still necessary in the digital age

November 28th, 2016 Posted in Catalogues

There is nothing like holding a printed book in your hands and that’s still true with a catalogue. Yes, it’s true that everything is online nowadays, but think of a printed catalogue as going “above and beyond” to market your products. SO many people still like to browse a printed catalogue over using the internet. Here are some reasons why printed catalogues are still necessary.


  1. You will reach your “offline” clients
    Many people still like to do things “old school”. Even some younger people are still untrusting of shopping online. So you need to reach these people. By having a printed catalogue, you are allowing this group the chance to browse your product offering. This is especially helpful is you don’t have an actual shop or showroom.
  2. Catalogues are perfect for salesmen
    If you have sales staff going to see clients (or potential clients) they need a way to show off the products without having to make the client access a webpage. Keep the interaction smooth and the conversation going by simply handing over a catalogue. This is great leave-behind as well, as it gives the client all your details whilst also displaying your products.
  3. People are forgetful
    If you have a stall set up at an expo or other event, you will need to show visitors to your stall what products you have available. You could give them your web address or business card, but people tend to forget to visit it, or lose all the papers they receive at these events. Giving them a printed catalogue affords them the chance to browse through your products at their leisure.
  4. Printing adds a touch of something extra
    It almost shows more respect to your brand and your products to have them displayed in a beautifully designed catalogue. Everyone has a website nowadays, so having something printed makes your brand stand out from the crowd.


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