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December 12th, 2016 Posted in Booklets

Booklets are small, thin books with paper covers, typically giving information on a subject. They are still being used as promotional and advertising tools today. Such booklets are effective because they professionally present the brand to a specified target market. Booklets are great for broadcasting information about the product as well as the company itself.

Minuteman Press, Fourways, offers affordable and professionally designed booklets that can be tailored for any purpose. This cost effective product has gained popularity among South African businesses as an affordable option for their mass printing needs.


Let the book speak

There are many uses for booklets aside from marketing: companies can use booklet templates to communicate personal proposals to customers, they can serve as informative guides on your business or act as mini catalogues to showcase your best offers. Companies also use it as customised notebooks for clients adding a personal touch to marketing presentations.

Contrary to the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, your business will be judged on the marketing material you present to your clients. Booklets let your clients into your world by getting them to know:

  • who you are,
  • what you stand for,
  • what you have on offer,
  • how you deliver your offerings,
  • where your products and services are available.


If you are looking for a printing company in Sandton to handle all your printing requirements, from black and white copies to full-colour printing, we have the solution for you. Please get in touch with Minuteman Press Fourways for a printing quote.

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