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5 instances where it’s necessary to have a business card

November 21st, 2016 Posted in Business Cards

Some people may think that in the digital age, business cards are no longer necessary. That could not be further from the truth, as business cards have taken on a whole other dimension in the age of the internet and LinkedIn. Read on to find out five different situations where you would definitely need a business card.


  1. Meeting a potential client
    When you’re at a meeting with a potential client and it’s time to part ways, a handshake and an exchange of business cards is a valuable way to make a lasting connection. Telling your client to just “visit your website” will hardly stick in their minds, but a well-designed business card with all of your information can be retained and referred to later on.
  2. Seeing someone while going about your day
    Perhaps you see someone from your past that you would like to connect with and perhaps do business with. If it’s the latter, then giving them your business card and getting theirs implies a professional connection. Just saying you will add them on Facebook comes across as too casual. Trading business cards shows intent.
  3. Meetings with your superiors
    In business you may have to meet up with superiors who don’t necessarily work in the same office or even city as you do. If you want to advance in your career, these are the people you need to impress. They are busy people, so to ensure they remember who you are, end off your meeting with a firm handshake, eye contact and your business card.
  4. When someone asks for one
    You are bound to be in a situation where someone wants to connect on a professional level and asks for your business card. It’s embarrassing to have to say that you don’t have any, or make an excuse like you “forgot to bring them with you.” This all just shows a bad attitude and lack of attention to detail. Always have business cards in your wallet or purse.
  5. Meeting with someone older than you
    The older generations still very much use more established business practices and traditions. Respect these time-honoured traditions and show your professionalism by having business cards at the ready.


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