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Presentation Folders can make the world of difference

February 23rd, 2015 | Comments Off on Presentation Folders can make the world of difference | Posted in Presentation Folder

Presentation folders say a lot more about your business than people care to imagine. Just as a business card is leaving behind your personal professional mark, a presentation folder is carrying the weight of your entire company within its sleeves. There is absolutely no doubt that a presentation folder embossed with your company name and logo on the front cover will say a lot more, on your professional behalf, than a mere plastic sleeve.


Put it on a postcard

February 16th, 2015 | Comments Off on Put it on a postcard | Posted in Postcards

A postcard can carry a huge amount of whimsy, in the romantic notion of which it once held. When visiting foreign places there is nothing quite like buying a local postcard, writing about your adventures and sending it off to a loved one. However, many people do not realise a   postcard can be used effectively in the world of business as well. Yes, it is true, a postcard can be used as your secret weapon when it comes to marketing your company. Here are six postcard marketing tactics which will change the way you think about them.

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Start spreading the news through a newsletter

February 9th, 2015 | Comments Off on Start spreading the news through a newsletter | Posted in Newsletter printing, Newsletters

A newsletter can really go a long way if you know how to write and design them. Newsletters are one of the oldest methods of marketing a company, standing the test of time through the ages by being reliable and always keeping clients in the loop. A newsletter can also prove to be retainable; if your end client is so fascinated by its content they keep it to show their friends. There is a lot of value in the simple letter which many people tend to overlook in this ever growing digital age. It is therefore good to know how to boost your newsletter making it more retainable than the last.


Make it a manual

February 2nd, 2015 | Comments Off on Make it a manual | Posted in Manuals

If your company specialises in producing manuals, look to the best printers for the best results. A manual can also be referred to as a user’s guide, which in essence is a piece of documentation which will give assistance to people when using or setting up a particular product. It is therefore vital for your manual to be legible so as to not create confusion with your client. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new gadget, getting home and realising the user’s guide is about as helpful as reading something written in a completely foreign language. This is why you can’t go wrong with this fool proof formula for writing a manual.

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